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Getting Links To Your Site

2013 February 16
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by Mr Omneo

If there is one thing every website owner knows it’s that the old adage Build it and they will come doesn’t quite work on the internet. With billions of websites and web pages out there you need more than a wing and a prayer that your site will be found, what you need are links!

In the old days, reciprocal links were all the rage, it was pretty straight forward, site A placed a link on their page pointing to site B and site B placed a link on their site pointing to site A. Of course that was then, this is now and search engines like Google and Bing don’t put much value on those sorts of links, in fact some argue the case that reciprocal links do more harm than good. What you need are back links. Links that point back to your site but with no link from your site to the site providing the link.

So what should you do if you’ve just created your snazzy new website, jam packed with unique content that blows the competition out of the water? Well, there are a few services available that can give you the boost you need without too much effort. The obvious downside is they cost money but the obvious upside is they will get your site ranked much faster than if you attempted to build a back link structure yourself. So what you need to ask yourself is, Do I have time to do it myself? and Can I afford to not pay for a little boost?

I’m going to assume that if you’re still reading it’s because you’re interested in knowing what you can expect for your money if you do decide to use a paid for service. There are two popular services available and, they work in slightly different ways so let me briefly explain how each one works. read more…

Private Label Rights – Make Money From Them

2012 October 12
by Mr Omneo

If you’re looking to make money online you most probably have come across the term PLR or Private Label Rights. It’s possible you’ve just scratched your head and thought, What the hell are they? Well, if you have, fear not as I’m going to explain them to you in a few short paragraphs.

What is PLR?

Private Label Rights basically amounts to you buying a licence to someone else’s content and label it as your own. Licenses to use these articles are sold to multiple people, which means the content you are buying is not unique however if you tweak them a little you can get a good head start on becoming an expert on a given topic.

Now, you know that unique content is king when it comes to search engines and whilst you can just go buy some PLR and just re-sell it, chances are that people who are in the market what what you are selling have already seen the content elsewhere. As a result, what you should try and do is re-edit it, spending an hour re-wording the content can reap huge rewards so unless you’re really short of time, make the content your own. If you tweak it enough you can sell your content on a PLR basis! read more…

How to Design & Host a Successful Website

2012 September 3
by Mr Omneo

Some websites are bright and moving. Others are sedate and to the point, and which type you design will totally depend on what you’re looking for. Use the tips below to make sure your site matches your goals and ends up exceeding them.

  • Design for the smallest average screen resolution.
  • Keep bandwidth as low as possible.
  • Design for your demographics.
  • Don’t get flashy.
  • Have a simple navigation system.
  • Make all content available to all browsers.

Now that you have the knowledge to make a website that is exactly what you need to find online success, go forth and do it but remember a great looking site needs to be hosted somewhere so bear these 8 tips in mind when you shop around for a host.

    1. Weigh prices vs. features.
    2. Beware of anything listed as unlimited.
    3. Consider shared hosting.
    4. Never use free hosting for a business.
    5. Research the web host’s history.
    6. Inquire about support services.
    7. Check into outage procedures.
     8. Test the performance of the host before committing.